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Hope Restored Ministry

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed!” John 8:36

The CIP is a unique and comprehensive Bible based program designed to instruct the chemically dependent and bring them out of the bondage to alcohol and other drugs. The CHRISTIAN INTERVENTION PROGRAM® (CIP) is administered by the local church who works in cooperation with the local judicial and correctional systems, college administrators and business management teams.

The Lord has given us the authority, tools and ability to make a difference in our communities. This is a beautiful opportunity to reach individuals and their families who are in trouble from a legal standpoint and who have been charged by the court to participate in a “substance use prevention” program. Employers can also use the CIP as an Employee Assistance Program to retain their valuable Employees. The CIP can give each Student a Christian perspective on deliverance from their problem that really works.

The CIP lessons are designed to provide a solution to the problems and voids in the lives of substance users today. These lessons will encourage them to look much differently at their drug or alcohol problem and their decision making processes than ever before. We will help bring freedom into their lives by teaching them Christian values as a basis of their Core Value Systems. With the introduction of Jesus Christ into their lives the CIP will assist each Student in returning to productive society and supportive family membership.

We train the local Pastor and his CIP staff. We introduce the Pastors, their CIP Coordinators and the CIP Program in meetings with the judicial and corrections leadership, college administrators, industry management teams and prison authorities. These Community and Corrections Leaders readily recognize the CIP as a viable alternative or as a resource to be included with the existing programs they now are working with. The Courts and Communities of North America need answers to the devastating problems created by substance use and we can help!

We have seen great success in instituting the CHRISTIAN INTERVENTION PROGRAM® in many cities across North America (including Canada), with many more wanting us to come to their area.


You can get additional information about the Spirit of Freedom Ministries® or the CHRISTIAN INTERVENTION PROGRAM® by calling our Freedomline toll-free number or requesting the information via our email address.

Classes are held every Thursday at 7:00 pm at New Beginnings.